Sunday, January 30, 2011

Emilie Gomez

Emilie Gomez is a young photographer. I should say a belgian photographer now. We've met at the Villa Arson on our first day. Since I know her, she has developed a dark, cynic sometimes ironic artistic guideline. Her photographs narrate a weak and troubled humanity that found in their sunday activities a way to flow back the edginess accumulated. Another part of her work is the mis-en-scène of murders. Collectioning articles on specialized press focused especially on family murders she staged the situation by applying a fake ingredient that brought a burlesque atmosphere. The staged photographs reflect some Jeff Wall's influences but on the meaning she is closer to artist such as Cindy Sherman who meddles similar feelings together.


The pope depicted him as an antichrist

It's been few weeks I wanted to write on the so-called (especially at the moment of his first retrospective in France that has turned into a big buzz you should go to if you want people to think you smart)JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT.

This genius died when I was seven months old of an overdose and I grew up using often his name as a reference when I made graffiti. How could I be more wrong. Basquiat quited graffiti very early insisting on the real quality of his painting, understanding the street art influence as a critic and illustrating the end of it by stopping signing SAMO( same old shit with Al-Diaz).

The retrospective at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris was huge. Even if it was not my first encounter with Basquiat's painting, I've never faced that much at the same time.

This man was 27 years old when he died and he left behind him a work of three lives. His paintings are bursting , they depict violence, agressiveness, unifying symbols of racism, royalism with biblical mythologies and afro-americans heroes. He representend one kind of urban counterflow, underground and anarchical. His drawings were a part of his work I did not know much about and were entirely owned by a Swiss collectioner 'Daros', I am glad they are having a peaceful life in my country. Just joking. By the way, we heard a lot about his relationship with Andy Warhol that, to my mind, must have been stucked to an oral one. Their co-production are the worst paintings Basquiat ever made, it just looks that he wanted to mess around Mr. Pop.

A graduation from anecdotical colorful stories, passing by an almost blood dripping on weak wood canvas to an extreme violence announcing a tragical end, Basquiat pushed his art to the very very deep of human conciousness.



Chrys asked me to shoot her to animate the website she launched for her new business. She only asked me to put her in to fairy lands. Thus, I've built a very very cheap studio at my parent's house using three halogen lights and a ventilator. Then I've googled thousand fantasy words and that is what came out. I like working for others, it pushes you into things you never have done by yourself. Have to tell that the result does not satisfy me that much.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Artur, my 5-years ex boyfriend introduced me to graffiti. We used to spend hours walking on the railways. Of course it is why it was so exciting but it went further that just quickly write in silver letters surrounded by a thin black contour. My "blaz" (avatar) was Alien- I really need to get rid of this lack of originality- , Artur was Koza, Ben Killer and Eliott Wead.

What I prefered is when in disused factories we had the time to create big wall graffitis. There, I could draw big dolls and I was surprised when I went back home for christmas eve that some of them are still alive in this crual and ephemeral world of graffiti.