Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beat Torrent

My stats have definitely shrunk of 50 %. I've red somewhere that to keep your audiences loyals, a minimum of one post was needed. So sorry for the few followers that are used to read my posts, I have no time to update it at the moment and the reason is that a big gold sun is floating above Paris these days. I make the most of it by the weekend and during the week I look at it from the silver windows of my office. Everything has gone so fast, I love my new job, the project in itslef "framing the world through the eye of the urban culture and bringing the light down to the street" it's a kind of grassroots business model possible thanks to the web. A job 2.0 which make me meet so much interesting and involved people, last week we received Akhenaton, the legend of the french rap, Ghostpoet a london-based soulman I had the chance to interview, True live, an australian band, and Medine that I am totally fan of.
Anyway on friday my brother offered me by surprise a place to go to Beat Torrent concert at La Cigalle with all his friends. There were featurings with C2C, Hocus Pocus, 20cyl...It was pretty cool and the crowd was raging.

Apart from that I had the chance with my dream job to assist to the Juste Debout event which welcomes every year the world's cream of hip hop dancers
And apart bis I've been to a street art exhibition last week at the Galerie Art for Smile where I met Bruce and had the chance to handle a 20 minutes conversation in which he explained me how he sold his soul to the galerists hungry of making profit from graffiti. Clamping the format, the tools, the theme...Where are we going now ?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Somewhere between walking and sleeping

An excavation on my hard disc yesterday projected me few years ago where without any purpose behind I've constructed a huge database of videos and photographs. The old video format has erased the soundtrack but still exist beautiful 20 images per seconds. Caputring images on videos means capturing an even truthful reality. Photographs is less than a second quarter, and it gives you an easy way to show off a prefabricated personality. On the other hand videos divulgue the most intimate moments and it's harder to cheat . Here I found two videos of Astrid and me at the beach. Without the sound it is really difficult to understand why we were trying to jump on the back of each other but I love the images. They reveal how close we are, our hairs and skins are blending and we are floating into the wind in the silent and peaceful bubble of a beautiful memory.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Light painting WIFI

By Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen

General Idea at the Musée d'Art Moderne

General Idea is the new blockbuster exhibition presented at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. The collective follows Basquiat that received the public and critics praises and apart from the queue I did not have to do this time to enter I was almost as fascinated as the last time. Maybe little less anyway I was very filled of happyness this day because I had just received the positive answer of the internship I was applying to. When we entered in the exhibition we first met a guy that was in our artschool few years ago 'the exhibition is amazing you're gonna love it'. Even if he was actually very right I hate opinions provided upstream.
First the display was carefully thought despite the 29 minutes videos in the entrance on Miss General Idea wasn't appropriate. From canvas to scultpures, photographies, videos to all kinds of new medium the route explores a subversive and visionary view above which Miss General Idea' shadow is planing (Fictional character invented by the collective using at the same time as a muse, an image and a concept) I found the triple Klein-blue X painted by fake poodles on virgin canvas very funny. Several times I've thought of similar ways to cope with my grand mother's annoying gremlins. The Master in Global Media I did last year opened me to specific academic books on media I could recognize into General Idea's work. Especially Erving Goffman with the presentation of the self , a sociological work first but so well applied to media studies and remasterized by General Idea as 'The Manipulation of the self'. Between seriousness and provocation they use the glamour and the beauty as a creative catalyst bond to the media. Later we entered into the miss general idea pavillion and into the architectural destruction. A concept in itslef, why should architecture should always be about construction? The process of constructive destruction is so well understood by Cyprien Gaillard (I know I have a serious obsession with him)
The last part of the exhibition is about the social and sanitary disaster the Sida has been in the seventies and still is that is revaled into a tentacular project that occupied all their researches until the nineties.
These three guys were unconvential, they have elaborated a fictive society with its own social codes and flags,where a couple of three men can love each other and can even use all the positions of the indian Kama-sutra.
As when I was at the Gilbert and Georges exhibition in Brussels during christmas break, I could see the impressive and precise researches General Idea has built for three decades.