Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marshmallows Photography

In a previous post I've talked about what I like about this wonderful city Berlin is :
but what I prefer when discovering new cities is looking at it through the lenses or screen of my several cameras (and it costs me everytime back pain as I carry a very large and heavy bag open on one side to be able to unsheathe whenever it's necessary) . Often my relatives warn me to live the moment instead of trying to make a good picture of it.
I think they are right.

This series of photographs illustrates my point: it mixes blackberry pics, holga, Canon EOS 20D and a berlin security screen...and the best camera ever invented still is the disposable camera.

Time for a TOP 5 Camera

1) The Disposable Camera

If you succeed taking a good picture with it, you can take any camera you want ! you've got the best instrument to become a photographer: the good eye.
In addition, the fact that one does no longer uses reffer it at past time with all the charm that goes with it.

2) Holga Camera
Classic and (too) trendy but I always had one and I feel like I'm playing lego when I use it. The only big inconvenient: the
plastic is a fragile and it opens all the time so my advice is to put medical straps. It doesn't damage the camera and it maintains well.

3) Gadget Cameras
Gadget cameras: When I was in high school, one of my friend had a watch taking pictures. It's pretty cool if you don't want to carry a real cam and for forbidden places. It's clearly James Bond Style.

4) GoPro Camera
Probably the greatest invention of the year 2011. A tiny camera with a big angle sold with a lot of detached pieces like the hermetic cover. The first aim of it is extrem sport as it is very resistant. I'll soon post some of the first videos and pictures I made with it.

5) Canon EOS 20D
I know it's an old camera now but I have a deep attachment to it. At eleven years old, my parents offered be the 20D the film version and I sold it a 17years old to buy the digital version. (It was my own present for having passed the baccalaureat with the honors) I regret having sold the film one but I will keep the digital forever. Even if it looks a little aged compare to what is done in digital, mine is really at the frontier and used very little digital keeping the film quality. My fetish.

owe and #6: my blackberry, it will look old some very soon days

Spiral Starcases

I feel really nostalgic at the moment so I wanted to go back to some of my London good memories. A lot of vintage fake furs and gin tonic behind this photographs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lakes and Reservoirs

I've just discovered the work of Matthew Brandt and it clearly reminded me some of the experimentation I've done with photography while in art school.
As a messy person, my hand bag contains forgotten treasures from scattered tobacco to old
photographic film. These have lived or rather survived the intense heat of a trip to the Caribbean or the aggressive drum of my washing machine and have left a unique imagery made of distortion and stains. "Happy accidents" as my art school teachers used to call them and that I found in Brandt's latest collection Lakes and Reservoirs.

The connection he builds between what is real and what is visualized seems obvious. It is more than just a picture, Brandt's took the pictures of the lake then plunged it into the own lake water. It is a process he has already used previously when taking his friend in picture, then used the tears to attack the silver film with its salt.

The relation of mirrors and photography: a very standardized almost cliché notion of photography but still very true. A kind of deep set abyss where the flames burn the film.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

يحلم المملكة العربية السعودية

بلوق بيع

To see more pictures of the Jordan Trip → Space Travel

Most of my friends and family know that the circuits by which my thoughts are travelling are not always in the best state and this summer these are totally fucked up. I don't know if it is working under hot temperatures that provokes this black out - for sure it helps - but I'm dreaming of a new start far away.

Far far away, in a weird and unexpected place where noone wants to go. Thinking of a artificial citites built along oil wells or in the middle of the Siberia desert. Above all I want to feel out of place. Walking on a snowy beach or sleeping on a warm and flat stone of an awakening volcano.

While I'm in the mood of leaving everything behind, I remember that beautiful trip to Kingdom of Jordan. It keeps on inspiring me. When I was there, in every little village I stopped by, I've tried to picture myself and at the end of the journey I was pretty sure I wanted to come back and live there.