Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Works in progress

 Apart the fact that we were supposed to hold a blog on the Cannes Film Festival Oliv & Alien and it ended up with us doing nothing more than partying all nights long - Oops (no shame it was worth it- I started two pieces that will soon belong to the same project.
The first one is a portrait of Maria Nicolaievna Romanov of Russia. It's an oil painting and it's not finished at all. It took me almost three weeks to get this result and will take another two to get its interesting features.
The other one is a mirror I bought on a market and that I am currently knitting the contour. During her last two years, Maria was kept prisoner in a manor with her sisters and was forced to knit, wash and do all the housework of the soldiers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter VI: The End

Some images of the road trip - full of surprises - to Taroudan.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Alien & Oliv Cannes 2012

Private photoshoot at 7.am on the 3.14 rooftop The Fireflies

The blog is on stand by during the Cannes Film Festival because I'm running a blog with my lovely Oliv (The Nomadic Files). We're having a bit too much fun right now so we don't post as often as we would like to but anyway you can follow our scandals here Alien & Oliv Cannes 2012 and on instagram @alyenor & @olivialola.
See you there ! xx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chapter V: Beauty Queens

Whoever goes to the south of Morocco my best advice for you is to spend a relaxing day at the Argan Phyto House.  The temple of well being where amazing beauticians offer you the most relaxing massage ever with traditional argan oil products. We left the beauty center refreshed and nourished ready for some sunbathing in front of the Atlantic waves and the boss drove us back to the hotel like we were some kind of arabian princesses :)

19 rue Imam Malik
80000 Agadir

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapter IV: The Fortress

A + N + K on the Fortress Wall
Camille overlooking the Ocean
Berber Tattoo
A new friend I met up there
Blue, Blue...
   The Casbah was the oldest part of Agadir, it is aslo called Agadir on the Hill. It is a genuine fortress with narrow winding streets and bustling. It was built in 1572 by Moulay Abadallahal Ghalib who wrote on the front door :
اتقوا الله وتكريم الملك
 'Fear God and honor the King'. Because of the earthquake of february 1960, only remains the long wall of the fortress surrounding the unbuildable land but the panoramic view  over the the bay is still exceptional. It was like we were diving into the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The hill bears the inscription in Arabic 
الله، الوطن، الملك 
'God, Fatherland, the King' which, like ramparts, is illuminated at night. I wanted so bad to get a henna tattoo on my hands and lucky us we met two artists on our way back from the fortress. Camille got written the mountain inscription on her wrist and I got flowers on one side and the word 
'Artist' (pronounced 'Fenane') on the other. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chapter III: Treasures of the Bazar

Spice Girl
The Souk Roof
My wonderful red poppy kaftan
Treasures of the Bazar
My magic genie shoes
The Dream of Jeannie
With no real Medina, the city of Agadir had to find a solution to install a Souk. It's a little outside of the new town that they chose to build the Grand Souk behind its ramparts. We enter by one of its massive door and discover a lively and authentic place. 
You can find everything you need: Saffron, Cinnamon, Comun, Thyme, Berber lipstick, henna, pumice stones, fresh fruits clothing and crafts of all kinds. Prices are to be discussed everytime and I find this trading method so fun. It's a real theater ! The merchants give you a price and they are disappointed if you don't try to haggle. They are very friendly and are happy to play this game. It's a very strong Moroccan trade tradition specific to Arab civilizations. 
I bought three wonderful Berber necklaces for my mum and sis, a pair of magic genie shoes that remind me so much of the TV series The Dream Of Jeannie and a red poppy kaftan that looks like the Muzungu Sisters Tribal Kaftan except that I bought it for 10 euros. Right now I dream of building a purple bottle and live in it forever !

Chapter IV tomorrow !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chapter II: Life in Douar Amzouro

A dam under construction for allocating water among the Douars
Mohammed's house in Douar Amzouro
The room, wonderful match of colors between the green walls and this amazing blue carpet (we sleep on the carpet) 
Women of the Douar cultivating the fields
Djamila and her daughter Zara
Mohammed serving mint tea
Ancestral method for plowing
Palm Grove
A Douar is a village that is primarily a "group of houses, fixed or mobile, temporary or permanent, bringing together individuals who share a relationship based on common ancestry in the paternal line"(needless to mention the inbreeding). Historically, a Douar is a type of nomadic camp arranged in a circle, made it possible to store the herds in the free space in the center of it. 

Mohammed, Camille's father associate, invited us to his place at one hour by car from Taroudan. After an energic drive on what should not even be called a road, we arrived at the heart of the Atlas. A green paradise which appeared like a mirage in the middle of an arid desert landscape.
Douars are not included in the official geographic coding and administrative services, we were literally lost in the middle of nowhere !!! It was like stepping into the fourth dimension where time had stopped in the XII century. Women break argan nuts while men plow the fields with mules. They all live very happy in total autarky. For me,who has always wanted to belong to ancient times, this place struck me as the Garden of Eden.
I will always remember how kind people of Douar Amzouro have been with us and will keep them in my heart ! 
Chapter III tomorrow !