Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purple Run

My bestfriend's dad is getting married this autumn. For what is going to be the most offbeat event of the season I need to wear something really special.
In Berlin I found a really cute vintage shop in the Kreusberg area where my eyes stopped on a purple stuff hangling between old tee-shirt. We were not shopping this day and just entered out of curiosity . When I tried on I felt transported to another decade. The size was perfect in the waist, the lenght. It was made for me.
Picturing myself with flower crowns made of daisies and roses and this purple - a violent washed and past purple that gave you nausea when you look too long at it - folk dress.

The saler told me the little story going with the dress (good vintage salers often tell you the history to make you identify and not look at the price which in this cas was the highest of the whole shop) :

His mum (key word#1) used to wear it in the seventies (key word #2) while going to California (#3) to music festivals (#4) with all her friends in motorcycles (#5) and that where she met my dad, a gypsy (#6⁵ ) musician (#7) she fell in love with him and here I am !

Apart the fact that wearing a bridal gown that 40 years ago received a germano-gypsy coitus did not delight me, my skin in autum would be at its worst.
Poor me, with no summer holidays this year my pale skin will soon turn violet and too much bitchy colors kill the bitch !

Ps : I love everything of the video of Nikki Lane. It is a kind of illustration of the german saler story.I'm fooled anyway.

Gone, Gone, Gone I won't be back.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fishing nets

Killer Banana Heels

This picture was taken last year in London in my flat. An irresistible red boot mood.

Expensive shoes. I hate myself for writing a post about it but I have to admit these are sick. Charlotte Olympia, the designer that was previously more famous for her family tree than for her creation scored a bet. The secrets of this success could be found in the thickness of her address book that would do the promotion but also in the height of the heels.

As our generation is a a generation of complexed people, we must be ever more beautiful, more intelligent, thinner, younger, and taller. And for the last point - apart a terrible surgical intervention I've once seen on TV- heels are the only way to make you look taller. Here, Charlotte Olympia' shoes have a point: disproportionaly high, thes shoes are also comfortable.
Adding to this crucial point, that she is inspired by london street fashion (
A big bang of color and glitter deployed over tattooed bodies) and above all by her little sister, Alice Dellal, a fashion icon by herself that brought the punk attitude to the front row.

NB : this blog is everything but another fashion blog. I hate fashion, I hate expensive shoes but today I'm in a mood of wearing killer banana heels.

I've tried so hard to find copies of it, but all I could find was the following by Irregular Choice. Not very convincing. I feel like I'm facing the same wall than when my friend Emily told me she has found Christian Louboutin's at one hundred euros on a website and when she sent me the link it was : www.christianlouboutin.china. Desillusion.


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wall of Noise (Name inspired by a piece of J.G Robert)

Reaching the height of anxiety, this couple of days has brought me down to hospital. Flashback 7days ago when I missed my flight to Amsterdam, a 10 hours waiting in the world’s worst airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Waiting with the "climatic conditions" other victim, we succeeded to get sandwiches for free and went to the lounge. We started a short but intense friendship. The conversation’s tune shift immediately when she told me she was thirty years old and was a notary (I thought she was nearly 18) and from a “I-was-smoking-my-1st-cigarette-when-you-where-suckling-your-mum-boobs” position I adopt a more concerned attitude. Then we enrolled into a 9 hours conversation in which she counted me the Tunisian revolution from the inside with all this juicy details we are really keen about. Of course I’ve forced her to tell me few stories of her trips to Saudi Arabia and to Syria as I developed a weird obsession with dangerous Middle East countries… At 7pm we boarded, I was seated between her and a wonderful Canadian musician I instantly fell in love with. A 1hour and a half direct flight to Berlin where I oscillated between my new best friend and my new love story.

When I arrived in Berlin I was completely taken over by these two who drop me off at Warschauer Street where the jewels of my life where waiting for me. We were staying in a youth hostel named :

The Sunflower

Sunflower hostel was located on the same wasteland as the coolest club on earth: the Berghain. Even if this club is mentioned on all these stupid city tours books (the 30 years notary I met in the plane convinced me to buy one), the bouncer at the entrance knows perfectly who you are and where you’re coming from.

Let's remind my first encounter with bouncer beast 3 years ago : 1m80, black bombers on shoulders, silver tarry hair and a big spider tattooed on the half of his face. I was wearing a blue dress, with big rangers and tights with holes but all I could get with my friends was a “NEIN RAUS” after 2 hours waiting in the queue. So I had three years to question myself why I could not enter in what looks like the most underground and stylish club ever. Was I to young ? Was I too clean ? Too brunet ? too ugly ? too pretty ? too fat ?

Time for revenge : arrived in front of the club, it was not a 2 hours queue but a 4 or 5 in the best case so thanks to my nerving friends we dodged literally the tail with 2 or 3 remarks from embittered French people but only wait for 30 minutes instead.

I formatted everybody “ Adopt a detached attitude at 10 meters of the door, look bored and don’t pronounce any French words, when spider man will gaze you just say "5 people" with your fingers. It worked out. And we got in.

The security staff checked your bag, your clothes, you feel like you’re an item at the beginning of its production cycle. In this factory, people are a lot taller than you and “nice” is not the word that best define them when they shout “Can I see your ID/ it’s not you in the picture/don’t make any pictures inside/leave your camera at the cloakroom/Go head !

Finally here we are. Few metallic stairs to climb and you arrive in a big hall with a ceiling height of 6 meters. A minimal electro with countless decibels and a crow moving in slow motion following the rhythm of flashing lights.

Well, to get into this vampire frenzy I need a little lift…and it’s when I went to the bar that I had a look around me: everyone was drinking water. This a totally a WTF situation but I found It kind of beautiful like if I was partying with thirsty Zombies. In hidden toilets, drugs are on free service and a woman shows off on demand a complete collection of the worst psychotropic. The Berghain is open 24/7 so If you stay until late you’ll se the the rays of the rising sun piercing the stained glass as sharp knives holding by christic forces. I feel blessed.

On the morning I went to the hostel and sleep a couple of hours before the housekeeper went in the room to say that we had to get out immediately and that our next room will only be available at 5pm. What a nightmare when I’ve realized that we were only two in a room of 8 that was A room that vomited clothes in a total mess. No choices,it took one hour to put everything in the luggage room. The complete team was reunited at 1pm and most of them did not sleep even a minute so we choose to enjoy the day.

You’ve probably heard about the East Side Gallery, the world biggest outdoor gallery made on the last piece of the wall of Berlin. An amazing stroll to take along hundred pieces of art of famous artists like Dimitri Vrubel, Thierry Noir, Indiano or Birgit Kinder.

What I liked the most was the reverse side of the wall. A white page where all the vandals could express themselves. It so representative of the street art situation.

Ps: The tittle is inspired by a piece made by Jean-Guillaume Robert when we were studying together at The Villa Arson. On a naked wall he laminated twenty vinyl lulled in a dark noise.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Venetian Masquerade

I used to live in Venice. No words to tell how much I was amazed everyday to stroll in such beautiful landscapes. It was like living in a painting, not a postcard as some people would probably think first but in a watercolor sketch held in the shirt pocket of a certain Veronese and where venetians were engaged in the cultural life of their city, knew pretty much all of its history.

I've succeed in communicating my happiness to my friends et family so well that I had visits almost every weekend. My brother and sister came for Halloween and with my friends we choosed to do a masked ball. Not very original in a city where you can find any mask for 2 euros on every corners of the streets.
That kind of disgust me of venetian masquerade which I was very interested in before going back there (on my first trip to Venice with my ex boyfriend I was nearly about to buy an expensive mask which I'm sure I would have regret now CHECK IT HERE)

This time, I wanted something special, different and as we were many going to the party, something easy to create. One week of reflection and the idea came : black lace ribbons. Venice is a tiny city, full of little shops specialized but you can't find any real bazaar. I drove my bro and sis crazy looking so hard everywhere to find what I had in mind. At the end of the day I finally found the right shop in the north of Venice in La Strada Nova, Cannaregio area. A small door hidening thousands of fabric rolls. Heaven.

Then, I had one hour before the party to sew masks. My few-weeks-venetian-BF told me a lot of beautiful short stories about Venice and he really liked what I did with the mask delivering a secret about
the history of the masquerade: the real tradition was to make the mask yourself before going to the ball.

and here is what Chanel did this week for the Haute Couture Winter 2011-12. These are totally wonderful !