Friday, September 30, 2011

Angeli caduti di un paradiso perduto

The tittle means "fallen angels of a lost paradise" because one of my favourite place in Venice is called the Paradiso Perduto. Located in fondamenta de la Misercordia (where all the coolest bars are), this place is full of bohemian energies.
You eat antipasti on wood benches that are shared between everyone. You drink the local "Spritz" with "carciofo" (artichoke") the better way to have it. Musicians of all kind enter and play piano, violin, guitar as they wish. People get drunk together and continue their night wandering to Fifo, which is 100 meters away. I miss so much my life in Venice and the habits I had, that I'm really thinking of going back there for real.

All the pictures have been taken with a disposable camera in our first night in Venice. We don't know why, but we've all suffered of a memory black hole this night and could'nt remember what was on the film.

I'm preparing the next post on the biennale.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The return to Arkania

Arkania was the adopted homeworld of the Arkaian species. It was covered with tundra and rich in diamonds and other precious minerals which the Arkanians mined to further their offworld connections and master their technology.

I'm back people !

I've left Canal + which constitutes now another golden wheel in the carriage of my life and I did the first things my heart wanted to :
- Going back home for a day
- Taking the road with my best friend to the Biennale of Venice (A huuuuuge post to come)
- Sleeping 12hours a night (the best part)
- Watching boring french TV shows
- Cooking for my belgian lovely friends

In short : experimenting the wonderful life of unemployed & housewives

The next step :
- Writing my book
- Writing my thesis due to november the 3rd
- Photoshoot and other freelance jobs such a I've recently been giving offers
- Going to an artist residency at the other end of the world

Before going through all these climbing routes I wanted to start this school year by a summer photoshoot (maybe influenced by the indian summer France enjoys these days - just heard that it is the 1st time in 20 years that it's that hot in the last days of september) I did with my sister. The landscapes were just unreal, so this is why I chose to put some artificial elements upon it. Planet Mars stones, New Zealand cloudy skies envelop the feline body of the most beautiful person in the world. Just that.