☆ About me ☆

If I were :

- An animal : a firefly or anything that has a long pupa and a short life-span
- An object : I'd rather be a candlestick
- A character : Danaë, princess of Argos, in the greek mythology
- A color : purple
- A place : Wadi Rum desert in Jordan because it looks so much like planet Mars
- A feeling : Anxiety, my first feature
- A mode of travel : Everything but the plane
- A sport : Classic Dance
- A job : Artist ♥
- A drawing : a sketch scrawled on an old plane ticket
- A past moment : The seventeenth birthday of Maria Nicolaïevna Romanov of Russia
- A present moment : The volcano Eyjafjöll preparing his second shot (I won't have holidays this summer ok?)
- A future moment : The moment I sit in my art studio
- A dream : Eat ice cream all day without gaining weight