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Electrical Birds (2012)

The Five Lands (2012)

Orléans - Clignancourt (2010)

An ajusted june stroll (2008)

The more the person looses her visibility, interrupted by the city's walls or the frame, a sound-hiss, given by a resonance appears and grows. Inspire by the repetitive rhythm of this escape. The image brushes the eye, tenses it until releases it in emptiness of the crossed space.

Médusa (2011)

It happened April 30th. The day that followed the royal wedding. I was in the mood of killing myself and one of the thing I've always be convinced in is if I was to attempt a suicide it will take place in my bath. Just like the little sister in Virgin Suicides of Sofia Coppola. with a picture against her heart. And another thing is that I like images in the water, floated hair, shiny skin, eyes struggling to stay open. It's also relaxing, being in weightlessness. Definitely the best transition from life to death. People deepen into com sometimes see themselves from above, at least that what they tell when they come back to life so I like this plan at 90° above myself. The last point is that I am totally obsessed with a painting I saw at the offices of Firenze by Le Caravage called The Medusa. 
Short history of Medusa : She is a young and beautiful woman from who Poseidon is obsessed about. She fell in love in Athéna's temple who is jealous of this relationship. To punish Medusa, Athéna turns her into Gorgone. Her hair transform into snakes et her sight petrify everyone.

Yseult (2010)

Vice City (2009)

La Formule Oulipienne (2009)


Gatewick Express(2009)