Saturday, March 5, 2011

Somewhere between walking and sleeping

An excavation on my hard disc yesterday projected me few years ago where without any purpose behind I've constructed a huge database of videos and photographs. The old video format has erased the soundtrack but still exist beautiful 20 images per seconds. Caputring images on videos means capturing an even truthful reality. Photographs is less than a second quarter, and it gives you an easy way to show off a prefabricated personality. On the other hand videos divulgue the most intimate moments and it's harder to cheat . Here I found two videos of Astrid and me at the beach. Without the sound it is really difficult to understand why we were trying to jump on the back of each other but I love the images. They reveal how close we are, our hairs and skins are blending and we are floating into the wind in the silent and peaceful bubble of a beautiful memory.