Saturday, April 30, 2011

Purple Blood

Yesterday was the worst day of my life EVER. I knew it will happen someday but I strongly beleived that I was going to be the one with the tiara walking with my dad along this never-ending red carpet. I had cutted pictures of William in my agenda, posters of him on the wall of my room (just along the ones of the Wu-Tang aha) and a whole family around me that mad me live my dream like it was my destiny.
When I was 10 years old, my father chose to bring all the family in Russia for christmas. In the plane he told me that he was going to be my chamberain during all the trip. I took it in a very serious way, and when we arrived in St Petersburg I felt very at my place between operas and palaces of the Yousoupov and the Romanov families, climbing staircase with my hand delicately laid on my father's.

Yes I had real little girl dreams with all the fantasy and the imaginary we can find in it. It never stops, I mean that nobody ever told me that I was not going to be just how I prepare myself for ages. On contrary, my mum bought me many vintage princess dresses, my sister offered me fake tiaras and I put it on every sunday. Well, even if a lot of people think that a princess life is hell, I know that I could play this role perfectly.

Joke apart, I've watched the wedding from my office where I realized that this kind of event really bring joy to people's hearts. My colleagues were well informed on their relationship "Yes they met...they slipt... he fell in love with her during a catwalk show..." and the TV was on all day long.
I had many things to do so I couldn't watch it entirely but here is my opinion: Kate's dress was almost the most wonderful wedding dress I've ever seen. I hate her everyday look but Sarah Burton did a great job by taking the most interesting part of Grace Kelly's and removing the chaste one. The lace was french, it covers her arms and subtly fell into a V neck. The train of 2m 70 was exactly at the right size. BUT her makeup was atrocious. It was like she was wearing a mask, she looks 5 years older than she really is with a clumsi black khôl line under her eyes. Of course, I can guess that the all thing was fixed with hairspray which provide the impression that she was fossilized.

Ok so lets' remind the do and the don't:
- Don't make your sister your bridesmaid when she is more beautiful than you are, or at least don't let her wear an Hollywood Cameron Diaz red carpet's dress that will make you look like you are an outdated meringue
- Don't wear any make up, sleep well and drink a lot of tea
- Don't crunch you fingers otherwise the ring will by hard to put on
- Look normal and not like a Mme Tussaud or a Musée Grevin doll
- If you have a Cartier designed tiara of 1930's in your collection, wear it
- Inspire yourself of Grace Kelly always

After this hard hard day, I've tried to kill myself in the bath but it did'nt work out, here is the video. I've tried to pay a tribute to the Medusa painted by le Caravage that I've seen at the Offices of Florence few months ago. It looks like I'm bleeding purple.


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Anonymous said...

Always remember that you are an Alien; not a princess!!