Friday, May 20, 2011


Wind threading its way through broken windows, last pieces of life snaking between eternal grave ,deserted industrial villages ,disused theme parks and warehouses,hollowed landscapes, a stone in the middle of a desert island...
Anecdotic sentences in abeyance revealing how my brain has been playing roller coaster these past few days. Natural and so human questions ( post-teenage also even if I am ashamed admitting it) came to my mind just banging on the time to get over bloodsuckers and other post-viral diseases. Where are you when you've cleared out your imaginated cares...

here :

Plastic rocking horses recumbent effigies on the ground, glitter armchairs merging into brambles, old stuffed toys struggling to keep their members together and this aura growing when strolling between pieces of forgone times. An apocalyptical landscape that provides you true feelings of powerfulness as you stand up while everything is getting rusty.

A weightlessness instant before life strenghts get over nothingness.
The more I keep on writing this non-sense post, the more I'm scaring myself of being a weirdooow...
Just a need of sharping my pickaxe and digging my shovel to bury deepely blood-suckers and other post-viral deseases.


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