Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A relaxing sunday evening in the Hamptons
Rainy day in Berlin
Summer holydays in Croatia
Late evening cooking
Single bathroom in a colocation in New-York
Enjoyable dinner in Barcelona
The room of Mirrors in Versailles
 A rest after a stroll at the beach in Brighton
 Standard evening in Chicago
 Hypnotizing TV in Tokyo
Imitating birds in Kiev
Preparing a barbecue in Biarritz

 A night in Roma
 Teenagers in Paris
"For artists with big ambitions"

I never refuse an invitation to IKEA. To me it is like walking through an amusement park ! A path is drawn to guide the crowd,pregnant women are the most represented segment of the population and young couples picture themselves in their future living room. 
How did this happen ? 
How did a brand succeeded in selling standardized lives ? IKEA, this big capitalistic multinational really seems to share some communist features such as the same sofa for everyone...Which student didn't have the Klippan sofa at one hundred euros ?  I never thought of furniture as a medium itslef that conveys its own ideology and language Jag talar svenska nu
Like little theater scenes the furniture is arranged so that, in turn, people can project themselves. We had a lot of fun imitating people's behaviors around the showrooms. 

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