Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hair Color Mood Palette

Green Revolution
Red Menace
Agent Orange
Blue Ruin
Like about 90% of the girls of my generation one of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by Michel Gondry.
First because I identify myslef to the crazy Clémentine (Kate Winslet) and then because the whole story described a situation I knew I would have to face one day. Sometimes I would like to put all the the memories I have with my ex-boyfriend in a bag, let Dr Mierzwiak draw a map to erase them all and meet him again.

The idea of the script is taken from two books written Boris Vian "L'Herbe Rouge" that narrates the adventures of an engineer who creates a machine to make him relive his past to forget his anguish and "L'Arrache-Coeur" that tells the story of a psychiartrist who is actually an empty cell who tris to fill in psychoanalysed people assimilating their thoughts.

Anyway all this to say that I'm in a total Clementine mood these days and I wanted to try for the first time changing my hair color. In Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind the color schemes present to the viewer a mnemonic method for arranging the film within an intelligible order. Clementines's hair color moves from green when she first meets Joel to red when she leaves the happiest time with him, to orange when she wants to break up to finally blue refering to the post-breakup and re-falling in love with Joel. That schizophrenic association of hair color to personality is something I've experienced these past few months but in a more Tye & Dye style ! Love the way the color are named in the film and I'll try to name mine.
Red Cosmos 
Snow Bride
Purple Scar

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