Friday, December 7, 2012

The Bird House

 Rue de la Cigogne
 As every year since highschool, I filled my luggage with some clothes, books to draw on and moved to a new place: Brussels. Emilie and Arthur, two of my best mates I met in art school were living there and convinced me to join them. On the first week, I found a very cute flat/art studio in the center just across their street (just 30 steps from their flat) on two floors separated by a spiral staircase.

La rue de la cigogne (Ooievaarstraat in dutch) is straight out of the past. Cobblestone floor and gabled houses have stopped time in this peaceful downtown. 70 m long lane often called impasse because of its narrowness and the fact that very often my neighboors set up chairs and table before their doorstep when it is good weather. 
This medieval commercial street follows the path of the first enclosure intramural Brussels and was long inhabited by modest valets and peddlers. I love the fact that I probably sleep in the same room where a hundred years ago a fortuneteller predicted the future in her crystal ball. I love my life here, I'm in love with the city, with my street, with the people I meet, with the weather (a grey monochromatic sky). Everyting inspires me !

The Bird House 

I decided to decorate my witch house according to the name of the street (cigogne = stork) and therefore birds. My first purchase was a bird house of course I found in an antique for a few euros and a bird cage in which I store candles. Finally this big blue chest of drawers from Ikea that I customized with different buttons I bought on flea markets. As for the room I opted for a princess (no surprise) bed that I customize with pearls (like they do in New Orleans when the hang pearls on trees and everywhere around their houses to stay away from evil spirits) and fabric. In front of the bed I created a wall bazaar with a mixture of drawings, jewelry, and curiosities all at the vertical. It's in progress and I still don't have a couch to welcome couch surfers and friends. All the decoration is very cheap, flea markets, Ikea, les petits riens... I would like a DIY couch or - if possible - a true meridian ! Here are some inspirations : 

Greetings from witch city !!

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