Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alan Vega & Christophe at La Machine - Pigalle

A missed call and a message on my cell phone last thursday informed me that my best friend Jean-Guillaume was in his way to Paris. Few hours later I picked him at Gare de Lyon and we went directly with his suitcase at the Alan Vega& Christophe concert at La Machine in Pigalle. An amazing 40 minutes (only yes but it was worth it) with living legends, symbols of the punk movement deepen into electro waves. The electrical crooner sang with his wife and son and even if he was very drunk the concert was great. Christophe was even better. The next day we met Alan Vega at la Galerie du Jour for a dedication session. By writing that it looks like I am a big fan which I am certainly not but I like both of them and encountering legends is still pleasant.


And a little surprise the next day at La Galerie du Jour Agnès b. Alan Vega was there!!

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