Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Le Château Albatart

On tuesday I had an interview with The Laboratoire a contemporary art (more design oriented) centre that mixes scientific researches to the artistic ones. The meeting went well, the director was really kind and I'm expecting my personal invitation to the next exhibition opening that will feature William Kentridge, the south african artist I particularly like. Since I am 23 I am in a strange peaceful mood with this kind of stupid smile I can't never get rid of so I decided to walk from the Laboratoire to my place in the latin area of Paris.

Ipod on I was dreaming eyes opened when suddenly I met a really old friend who was in my graffiti crew a million years ago. A funny scene at the moment because I am applying to an urban art heading and I was actually trying to get back to these kind of roots I almost have packed into 'old boxes". We went to take a coffee then to la Galerie du Jour Agnès b. where we saw the 'Musique Plastique' exhibition (I will post later an article about it). Later on the evening he brought me to the Château Albatart where we met other really good and old friends of mine.

The Château Albart is a squat in central Paris occupied by artists in the old insurance offices 'Groupama'. Once a week they are organizing concerts, this time it was reggae- I should say unfortunately but no the concert was great and I am in my Selah Sue period right now. Anyway I met some interesting people, and above all a street art crew named Obliké. They were really kind and they've succeed to create a coherent and harmonious wall drawing constructed at three. I saw an empty space at the left of the drawing and I wanted seriously to propose them to draw a UFO but I did'nt dare to... Hundred of free offices in central Paris are disused, confronting this statement to the housing crisis and the youth unemployement it is quite paradoxal.


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