Wednesday, August 3, 2011

يحلم المملكة العربية السعودية

بلوق بيع

To see more pictures of the Jordan Trip → Space Travel

Most of my friends and family know that the circuits by which my thoughts are travelling are not always in the best state and this summer these are totally fucked up. I don't know if it is working under hot temperatures that provokes this black out - for sure it helps - but I'm dreaming of a new start far away.

Far far away, in a weird and unexpected place where noone wants to go. Thinking of a artificial citites built along oil wells or in the middle of the Siberia desert. Above all I want to feel out of place. Walking on a snowy beach or sleeping on a warm and flat stone of an awakening volcano.

While I'm in the mood of leaving everything behind, I remember that beautiful trip to Kingdom of Jordan. It keeps on inspiring me. When I was there, in every little village I stopped by, I've tried to picture myself and at the end of the journey I was pretty sure I wanted to come back and live there.



L. said...

love the blog. Feel quite related to the story

Anonymous said...

Stop believing in love, and get close to what your heart really deserves: Spirituality. Study the spiritual origins of this country you went to, and you'll notice that there is nothing more important, and profound. These ephemere things are what we call "fitnah".
absolutely nothing.

By the way, i have no idea how i came here, and i just hope you'll take my advice.


Aliénor M. said...

Thank you L. and for Mister or Miss Anonymous, I'm glad you find the way to drop your advice in this never-ending landscape the web is btw this fancy went away as fast as it came.

Fitnah :)