Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lakes and Reservoirs

I've just discovered the work of Matthew Brandt and it clearly reminded me some of the experimentation I've done with photography while in art school.
As a messy person, my hand bag contains forgotten treasures from scattered tobacco to old
photographic film. These have lived or rather survived the intense heat of a trip to the Caribbean or the aggressive drum of my washing machine and have left a unique imagery made of distortion and stains. "Happy accidents" as my art school teachers used to call them and that I found in Brandt's latest collection Lakes and Reservoirs.

The connection he builds between what is real and what is visualized seems obvious. It is more than just a picture, Brandt's took the pictures of the lake then plunged it into the own lake water. It is a process he has already used previously when taking his friend in picture, then used the tears to attack the silver film with its salt.

The relation of mirrors and photography: a very standardized almost cliché notion of photography but still very true. A kind of deep set abyss where the flames burn the film.



phileas "foggy memories" said...

J'adore. Je viens de le decouvrir aussi l'autre jour, et allais t'envoyer le lien, je te jure.

Aliénor M. said...

On dirait des flammes qui brûlent le film, les couleurs sont folles. C'est une autre planète

Anonymous said...

Très beau

Aliénor M. said...

Who are you anonymous ?