Friday, October 21, 2011


I had no time to do the Frieze and only could do a solo exhibition of the latest work of Pistoletto at the Simon Lee Gallery. I loved these new formats, and the theme of Lavoro he's working on. I won't post on it now but I'm thinking of going back through the major pieces of his career later. I do not feel very guilty because most of the galleries represented at the Frieze were also presented at the FIAC in Paris and I've spent the last three days organising archaeological digs in the Grand Palais :) .

So this weekend was all about accompanying my designer's friends Olivia (The Nomadic Files) and Sacha (Soyons-Ouf) to their meeting and going to non-ending warehouse parties. My kodak can tell much about it.

A pin-up on the first plan.
Glitter ALL OVER.
The Intergalactic Beauties.
David Guetta got lost in a warehouse party.
A vodka-lemon star (supposed to be) Chez Jeannette in Paris.

Piu Piu & Julie, Baron.
And a here is a bonus given by my friend Olivia. She made this vid in an after party and on the balcony of the place we were staying in. I totally love it.


Chris said...

T'as fait ces photos avec quel appareil ?

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