Friday, October 28, 2011


Before posting on the fair, I just want to stop a second on one of my biggest crush this year : Navid Nuur. I had the chance to see some of his pieces at the Venice Biennale >here< and he was represented by two galeries at the fair + one work Hors Les Murs. 
Born in Iran, Nuur is a 35 years old contemporary and post-minimalist artist that works on the relation between time & nature strenghts. A very fashionable topic to work on if we just take a look at the work of Cyprien Gaillard and his quest for human traces except that Nuur put elements of his own creation over thousands years of erosion. By doing this he questions the time chronology and the connection between objects, stories and words while Gaillard just list it and put it under glass.
Words, narrations and the way he plays with it are to me, the strongest points of his artwork. I usually don't have crushes on sculptor but he is so much more and even ask to talk about neologism intermodules (love the concept) and not sculptures. 
By building collection of all kinds, for example bubble, airbags, chewing-gum he reminds me of Gilbert & George archives. The Secret Files of Gilbert & George is an hilarious 35 minutes film by Hans Ulrich Obrist in which the two artists reveal and comment on the contents of their work archives with a lot self-mockery. Through the document, the couple show his method of classifying their thoughts, their material (chewing-gum on the ground, hair in the bath, clippings...), which is the very formation of a philosophy of art and life.
Even if they have totally different practices, their attempts to discover the contemporary analogies of the modern world are very close. 


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