Monday, November 7, 2011

FIAC 2011

This post comes a bit late as we're going into Paris Photo this week (for the 1st time at the Grand Palais) but I've been working a lot and I'm very happy from what came out with my thesis and my project. Hoping that it will turn to reality in a close future, I entitled it "Visual Arts and Television : Digital Solutions". I hate myself of not have been able to start earlier and before presenting it a second time on december the 12th in front of my employers, I'll review some of the main points. 

The 2011 38th edition of the F.I.A.C was a huge success. Big sales (more than the Frieze), great artworks, dynamic galleries even if they were fewer comparing to past years (now that is organized only at the Grand Palais and not at the Cour Carré du Louvre). I wen't there twice, first on the opening where a queue of 500 person were waiting in front of the doors.  My dudddy Armelle got me a Vip art journalist pass so I could enjoy entering by the red carpet and drink champagne under the arches of the Grand Palais while meeting some teachers I had in art school and some students that became artists. This was really a place-to-be event and I have fostered social relationships rather than getting lost in the galleries. I went back two days after to take some pictures and looking for a cheap artwork I could offer me. I could'nt find something below 100 000 but I have the pictures !

Damien Hirst  - Humility
I start with a piece that impressed me and gave me the idea of the new blog's background. A kaleidoscope of butterflies' wings by Mr. Diamond Skull.

Barbara Kruger - Fear & Evil

Cindy Sherman - Untitled

Wim Delvoye - Chapelle 

Navid Nuur - Thank You

Sophie Calle - Prenez soin de vous

Andro WekuaShould be titled

Diane Arbus - Albinos
I really want to see her exhibition at the Jeu de Paume.

Paola Pivi - Pearls

Franz West

Nicolas Moulin 
He was in my art school, I love his work.

Yves Klein - Blue meteorite

Michelangelo Pistoletto - Two less one

Marlène Dumas 

Kader Attia

Karl Lagarfeld - Roses

Gilbert & George - Damned Buddle

And other random works :

More artificial butterflies

Beaux-Arts Magazine Anaïs
My friend Anaïs who works at Beaux-Arts Magazine was helding the stand. 

Le Bal Jaune - Fondation Ricard
For the closing of this wonderful week, a ball was held at the Palais de Chaillot in front of the Eiffel Tower. The Naive New Beaters and Dj Paraone were performing. It was the rendez-vous of the contemporary art's world "beautiful people" all wanted to be seen with their best profiles in black and gold. I chose a neo-Renaissance black robe with wide sleeves and I accessorized it with gold bracelets. I also had a vintage embroidered bag that went perfect with the whole outfit. 

This week I'm doing the opening of Paris Photo, and this time I'll try to do the champagne and the visit at the same time because I'm flying to Strasbourg on thursday for a 4 days non-stop party with my n°1 P.P.S.



Rachel Ka said...

Pae White & Sam Taylor-Wood are now at the Cultural Institute in Bordeaux :)))) We love FIAC!

Aliénor M. said...

Cool !!! I'll visit Bordeaux soon :) See u Xxx

Jonathan said...

J adore la statue voilee