Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kelley's last journey to Kandor

Today the contemporary art world lost one of his most influential talent : Mike Kelley. An occasion to remember one of his masterpieces "Kandors". 

For you, non-Superman fans, Kandor is a Kryptonian city that has been shrunk and placed in a bell jar.
Kelley created replicas of Kandor using colorful handblown glass bottles and bell jars. I had the chance to see  some of them at the Punta Della Dogana when I lived in Venice and it concentrates all the imaginary ingredients I love in artworks. 

A bizarre and beautiful mix of science fiction, mudane, retro-futuristic, industrial and intimate. Some sources said that the cause of death was suicide but I prefer thinking he found his way to the birthplace of Superman, Kandor.


Raphael said...

rip superkelley

Anonymous said...

Superman was not born in Kandor.

Superman was born in Kryptonopolis, the largest city on Krypton after the capital, Kandor. After Kandor was stolen by the alien criminal Brainiac, Kryptonopolis became the new capital. Kryptonopolis' original layout was designed by Superman's ancestor, Gam-El.

Kryptonopolis was also the home of Jor-El and Lara, the parents of Kal-El (Superman's original name). Jor-El launched Kal-El into space and to Earth shortly before the destruction of Krypton. Kryptonopolis was destroyed in the explosion of Krypton.