Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vintage Bazar

I celebrated my 24th birthday last week and I can say it was the saddest one ever. And because my bests could'nt make it, I opted for a Häagen Dasz pralines&cream + a Wes Anderson film instead. I even missed SBTRKT gig when Liv had managed to get us tickets. :(

Anyway my brother woke me up with 4 littles cakes and candles with numbers. I can't believe it's been ten years since I was fourteen. Wonderful time of creativity, freedom of mind and +++ the right balance when mature thoughts are floating in the magical mental landscape of childhood. 
This nostalgy may explain this very ugly photomontage I did (just bought a graphic tablet and need obviously few more weeks of practice) of Oliv&I Sunday at the 
Puces de Clignancourt

I love this vintage market, it reminds me of London with the french rap stores in extra. Olivia found me the world most beautiful dress and I'll write it down so you know: if something wrong happen to me, please bury me in that pink-powder long gown and its little purse. I want to wear it everyday and as soon as the spring comes I'll find many occasion to do so. With a leather or a jean jacket and flat boots, I can't wait.
Brunch Bazar
If Paris can't compete with Bricklane, there are some good initiatives taking place at the moment like Brunch Bazar. In the middle of Le Marais, a whole building was invested by little vintage shops. We didn't find anything to buy - even if Armelle wanted so bad this white swan headband-  but the atmosphere was nice. Very "bobo" I should say, there was Joey Starr and other french actresses I can't remember the name playing ping-pong and vintage video games (Street Fighter ). 


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