Thursday, November 11, 2010

Acqua Alta Birds Waltz

Acqua Alta is a phenomenon that appears in the winter season thanks to the peaks that occur periodically in the northern Adriatic Sea.

Scirocco winds blows northbound waters towards Venice gates that clear through customs and turn them into Bora winds which profused into every corners of the Venitian landscape.
The Moon is also said to play a significant role in the waters level.

Last week we've got two full days of Acqua Alta and I could'nt resist to soak my feet into plastic boots and go straight to Piazza San marco (the lowest point of Venice).
I arrived in a no man's land -which is quite interesting for one of the world's most visited place- where I was hunted by birds as if they wanted to tell me I've crossed the border of their lands.
How beautiful is the Piazza San Marco when the natural world have chased the tourists for a moment giving back its virginity and beauty, the reflect of unflowing waters project the reverse side as if a black hole was attracting the landscape deep into another dimension.
Contemplative and avoiding any sudden movement, I let myself go off on the water waltz gulls were sharing all around.


Anonymous said...

Hâte !!

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I like this profile picture.

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fantastic pictures

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Merci pour ton genril message !
Bien sur !

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Génial j'écris ca ce weekend

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