Wednesday, November 10, 2010

La Fenice

«La Fenice » , a word that is engraved in the collective memory . Unfortunately not in mine. Fuck my parents of never have taken me to the opera. I went there three times since I'm in Venice: the first was a single visit, the second was an invitation my class received for Lodoïska di Cherubini and the last one was l'Elisir d'amore.

First, the place is majestic, the ceiling light which dominates the room look like a tree branch that has been invaded by a firefly swarm, the box seats are disposed on four floors and organized along the imperial box Napoleon used to cherish.

Elisir d'amore tells the story of Nemorino, a poor peasant in love of Adina. Ready to do everything that is possible to make her love him and push back the rich soldier who wants Adina as his wife,Nemorino hears about l'elisir d'amore and wants some. Here, a doctor or magician enters; he looks like he's some kind of cirucs performer with redhair raised above his head and a golden jacket (that I particularly like). His two assistants are dressed like the daughter Dita Von Teese and Paris Hilton could have together (Pink boa feathers + fishnet stockings). The magician proposed to the lover a bottle of elisir (called the Queen Iseult's love potion just like in the video I did 2 years ago) that is in fact, a bottle of red wine while precising to Nemorino that it will work in only 24hours. Nemorino drinks instantaneously the bottle and go to Adina. Upset by Nemorino enthusiasm she accepts the soldier's proposal.

« Adina, credimi, te ne scongiuro »

Nemorino, in his deepest grief goes back to the magician to get some more elisir but he has no money left. He decides to become a soldier of Adina's futur husband for 20 «scudi»

The girls of the Village learn in the same time the death of Nemorino's wealthy uncle that makes him turn into a good match that all the girls want to marry. Adina hears about the Elisir and attributes Nemorino's love for her to it. Desappointed of not being able to be loved for what she is she lets escape a single tear that Nemorino's perceived and realized that she loves him back.

She admits him her love «Prendi, per me sei libero» and the magician meets the success with the sale of Elisir d'amore bottles.


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