Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purple Run

My bestfriend's dad is getting married this autumn. For what is going to be the most offbeat event of the season I need to wear something really special.
In Berlin I found a really cute vintage shop in the Kreusberg area where my eyes stopped on a purple stuff hangling between old tee-shirt. We were not shopping this day and just entered out of curiosity . When I tried on I felt transported to another decade. The size was perfect in the waist, the lenght. It was made for me.
Picturing myself with flower crowns made of daisies and roses and this purple - a violent washed and past purple that gave you nausea when you look too long at it - folk dress.

The saler told me the little story going with the dress (good vintage salers often tell you the history to make you identify and not look at the price which in this cas was the highest of the whole shop) :

His mum (key word#1) used to wear it in the seventies (key word #2) while going to California (#3) to music festivals (#4) with all her friends in motorcycles (#5) and that where she met my dad, a gypsy (#6⁵ ) musician (#7) she fell in love with him and here I am !

Apart the fact that wearing a bridal gown that 40 years ago received a germano-gypsy coitus did not delight me, my skin in autum would be at its worst.
Poor me, with no summer holidays this year my pale skin will soon turn violet and too much bitchy colors kill the bitch !

Ps : I love everything of the video of Nikki Lane. It is a kind of illustration of the german saler story.I'm fooled anyway.

Gone, Gone, Gone I won't be back.


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