Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 3 Chicago Shopping Districts

Chicago is a city that will never equal the city I love most but in many points it reminds me of London. Each neighborhood has its own atmosphere : bohemian chic, undergound, posh downtown... Here is an overview of what you can find :

Lincoln Park

On our first sunday morning, my sister had the brilliant idea to go to a gospel session. A detail we haven't thought about was it was the Thanksgiving weekend and that the mass will last longer (4hours).  Going back home after this nightnare we've passed through Lincoln Park where from my window I could see beautiful vintage shops but did not have the courage to venture myself this day. It's about 20 minutes in taxi from dowton and 40 by tube, it's full of very classy vintage shops. Prices range from $20 to $2000 so you better have to dig deep to find an affordable and beautiful piece (my sister bought a wonderful cream dress with a sheer lace for $35) but as it is the case in Notting Hill vintage shops and in Brighton >Click here to read Brighton Ruby Clouds< it's not the chaos, all the items are previously selected. 


Michigan Avenue and State St are the main arteries of shopping central. Michigan Avenue starts from the gold coast (the most posh aera of the city) to the loop (the centre of the centre). It took me a day to understand that my mum only knew Michigan Avenue to shop even if she comes every year since 1994. However, even if it's not my favorite kind of shopping we still can find some pieces of heaven. Just like this Topshop dress that was on sale and looks like an ancient princess dress and my sister's rings which you'd think out of Buffy against vampires. But the store that impressed me most was the Victoria's Secret one. The temple of lingerie which brings out the slut that lies deep inside. After few hours choosing the right match between fluorescent panties we go out smelling candy with big boobs.

Wicker Park / Damen Avenue

Probably the best place in Chicago. Take the blue line from the Loop and enter in the most creative area of Chicago. As for the parallel with London, it clearly reminds the east. Very cheap vintage shops, factory stores, record shops, graffiti walls....Astrid bought a Karl Lagarfeld perfect black coat for $40 and I bought the dress of my dream for $30. This dress is the exact balance between a wild leopard and a Walt Disney princess.  I will never grow up. Never.


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