Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brighton ruby clouds

Thus, a beautiful day with creamy clouds and big blue sky windows under which we strolled all day long.
After taking a breath on the beach face to sea (I haven't seen it since 1month and a half what a releif!!)that looked like silver films we entered in the old town. What is amazing there is that it can look like all those murky sea side stations, empty by the winter but, on contrary, we find an authentic atmosphere very popular and bohemian.

From one lane (name of the streets) to another we can hear an handsome twenty years old singer with a magical voice, teenagers with their own personal styles (very cultivated in Brighton), little shops of vynils,candies, lomography, books, secret markets at the end of small blind alley and above all fabulous vintage shops. 

In London vintage shops or antiques markets are often very expensive and sometimes a little bit fake as they present stands or product that come directly from India or Taïwan, in Brighton you don't have any doubts about it and you can buy a trendy 60's coat (as my friend Nina did) for almost nothing.
If one day I have enough money to buy secondary houses everywhere, I will invest in a tiny colour house on the top of Brighton's hill which I will furnish with antiques Bazaaar and not even one same object.


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