Monday, January 2, 2012


Minimalism exhibition at the MCA of Chicago. Masterpieces were presented along new artworks of contemporary artists said to be the heirs of the movement. Consistent.

Tony Conrad - Yellow Movie
Conrad's Yellow Movie appears at first to be a classic work of Minimalism in its reduced palette and simple geometric composition until one lears the artist's intentions. For Conrad, the nearly white color painted within the black fram is an active surface, yellowing slowly as it observes and absorbs changes of light over time on its seemingly blank screen. The opening up of art to life and the inevitability of decay were preoccupations for artists during this time and have remained powerfully fresh ideas to this day.

Donald Judd - Horizontal Purple

Gordon Matta-Clark - Untitled
Whereas many of the artists represented in the exhibtion call attention to the limits and borders of the art objects themselves,  Matta-Clark highlights the limitations and characteristics of his tools, cutting overlapping arcs into paper with the use of a compass. The artist was well known for cutting into much larger structures, such as buildings, using geometric shapes to guide him.

Frank Stella - Type

Fred Sandback - Helium, from Eight-Part Sculpture for the Dwan Gallery (Conceptual Construction)
(My favourite one) Sandback proposes a sculptural intervention that cannot be seen. If helium was to be released into a room, the density or composition of the atmosphere of that room would have change as it would change if a larger stone sculpture were placed in the middle of the room but because this change would be imperceptible to unaided human perception, it would probably go unnoticed. Proposals for experiments such as this remind us of the immense amount of information available for us to process at every waking moment, most of which completely passes us by.

Carl André - Zinc Lead Plain

Gordon Matta-Clark - Circus of the Caribbean Orange

Scott Reeder

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