Monday, April 23, 2012

Polly Morgan

My friend Emilie Gomez (see her article > here <) has always had a strong interest in taxidermy and during our time in art school she was always talking about taking classes to learn the technique. Could sound a bit strange but not if we look at it in a poetic way. The taxidermy as a solution  to animal extinction ? "I have spent my whole life trying to approch animals who tried to escape. The only way I can look at them quitely is when they are dead" says Polly Morgan, a british artist. 

Polly Morgan's work in itself is meticulous, dark and poetic. She stages small scenes of a robin lying on a prayer book, lovebirds looking at their reflection in mirrors, or a mouse suspended by a helium balloon. Why I really like her work is because it produces a mixture of repulsion and childish attraction. Animals rest in peace in a dollhouse decor under a bell jar. (like Mike Kelley Kandor see article > here <

During her first exhibition she was approached by artist Banksy who bought her her first artwork. Thanks to him, she participated to one of his exhibitions and left her waitressing job to devote herself  to her art. 

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