Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chapter I: The Shoe Factory

Pedestrian sheep
Matching Nails
Matching sky
The Shoe Factory
Leather colors
Jnane Soussia Restaurant in Taroudan
Taroudan Grand Souk 
Flying Carpets
Women cooperative producing Argan oil
The most beautiful yellow I've ever seen
Last week I flew to the wonderful Kingdom of Morocco with my friend Camille in order to visit the shoe factories and launch a summer collection.  We arrived in Taroudan in the morning and discovered a place suspended in time, an amazing walled city where people move in carriage and women walk the streets dressed in their colorful veils which dance in the wind.

After we pushed a little door, we entered in the shoe temple ! A factory where fifteen craftsmen worked on different models in a very traditional way. The shy and calm Camille I knew turned suddenly into an amazing business woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She was simply amazing ! I just can't wait to discover the final prototypes. Later we haggled in the souk of Taroudan some dresses and shoes that I'll show in the next chapters. Her love for fashion, mine for drawing and our for travelling were all the ingredients an unforgettable journey needed !

Chapter II tomorrow !

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