Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapter IV: The Fortress

A + N + K on the Fortress Wall
Camille overlooking the Ocean
Berber Tattoo
A new friend I met up there
Blue, Blue...
   The Casbah was the oldest part of Agadir, it is aslo called Agadir on the Hill. It is a genuine fortress with narrow winding streets and bustling. It was built in 1572 by Moulay Abadallahal Ghalib who wrote on the front door :
اتقوا الله وتكريم الملك
 'Fear God and honor the King'. Because of the earthquake of february 1960, only remains the long wall of the fortress surrounding the unbuildable land but the panoramic view  over the the bay is still exceptional. It was like we were diving into the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The hill bears the inscription in Arabic 
الله، الوطن، الملك 
'God, Fatherland, the King' which, like ramparts, is illuminated at night. I wanted so bad to get a henna tattoo on my hands and lucky us we met two artists on our way back from the fortress. Camille got written the mountain inscription on her wrist and I got flowers on one side and the word 
'Artist' (pronounced 'Fenane') on the other. 

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