Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chapter III: Treasures of the Bazar

Spice Girl
The Souk Roof
My wonderful red poppy kaftan
Treasures of the Bazar
My magic genie shoes
The Dream of Jeannie
With no real Medina, the city of Agadir had to find a solution to install a Souk. It's a little outside of the new town that they chose to build the Grand Souk behind its ramparts. We enter by one of its massive door and discover a lively and authentic place. 
You can find everything you need: Saffron, Cinnamon, Comun, Thyme, Berber lipstick, henna, pumice stones, fresh fruits clothing and crafts of all kinds. Prices are to be discussed everytime and I find this trading method so fun. It's a real theater ! The merchants give you a price and they are disappointed if you don't try to haggle. They are very friendly and are happy to play this game. It's a very strong Moroccan trade tradition specific to Arab civilizations. 
I bought three wonderful Berber necklaces for my mum and sis, a pair of magic genie shoes that remind me so much of the TV series The Dream Of Jeannie and a red poppy kaftan that looks like the Muzungu Sisters Tribal Kaftan except that I bought it for 10 euros. Right now I dream of building a purple bottle and live in it forever !

Chapter IV tomorrow !

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