Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Andrew Wyeth : the floating dream

Day Dream (1980)
Otherworld (2002)
Wind from the Sea (1943)
Christina's World (1948)

Andrew Wyeth is an american painter.
Wyeth’s style and subject-matter changed little throughout his career: he mostly painted farms, rural landscapes of the deepest villages of the world most powerful nation. 
Travelling very little, he spent his life almost entirely in the Maine and Pennsylvania regions of the USA. Althought he is very popular in the USA, he is not really represented in European museums. But even for us, that have been raised with the little house on the prairie or Dr Queen Medecine woman, these accessible paintings evoke some mythical rural dreamed past, striking a powerful chod in the collective pysche. 

I like painters that are interested in recatching the past, Wyeth was (he died last year) a contemporary but seems to have painted this scene a century ago. I don't want to make any stupid reference but sometimes in his way of presenting human body in a contorted nature he reminds me Caspar David Friedrich.
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Frau am Fenste (1822)

There also something poetic in the fact that the people, the farms, the field he have chosen to paint are always the same through his life, the process is very slow. Sometimes he choose not to represent human figures but just traces or represent them turning their backs to the viewer.
To see Wyeth's work : Moma Museum New-York and Philadephia Museum of Art's have the two biggest collections.


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