Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As One at The Royal Ballet : Who said going to the Opera was boring???

Leaving in London since september and using the tube in my almost everyday-run to-the-university, I was kind of attract with the sexy visuals -I recognize few times later- of the Royal Opera house. I am not used to go to the opera, although the concept is really classy and trendy I decided then to see what it was all about.
Few informations taken before going there As one is the latest work of The Royal Ballet's young choregrapher Jonathan Watkins. It is a 30-minute piece that had its premiere on 19 February 2010 just two days after my birthday and what a gift!!!
As one has a specific narrative outline that anchors the action in the contemporary urban landscape. One scene takes place in a domestic kitchen. Another in a sitting room as a dysfunctional couple drearily watches television, arguing over the remote control.
Another is an urban 'dance off' with a pairs of trainers thrown up onto telephone wires
The choregrapher says that he was inspired by watching a bloc of flats from the outside, witnessing so many people inhabiting in separate places, side by side, without connections.
The action is divided into five 'slices of life' representing typical urban living patterns : from the sociable to the isolated.
Obviously that lise-en-scène clearly reminded me the video I made last year, and what is funny is that I used the same explanation to describe my inspiration and it's perhaps why I was so emotionally touched.
Covent Garden, London WC2E9
19 february - 4 march 2010

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