Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Images of summer 2010

July 2010: a cocktail of trips with friends
Let's have a look!

+ Flower power party
For this event I borrowed my mother dress (my favourite shop!), a lagon blue Tara Jarmon two-pieces dress. I remember spending hours looking at it without the courage to try it on; with my aspirin-tablet-skin-color I must avoid these fantasies but with one week of complete cooking in the South of France it was perfect!

+ Ibiza for 24 hours (again)
There is something special about Ibiza, as soon as you touch the ground (After one hour of total fear as I am a plane-phobic and an even more jet-plane-phobic combined with a strong claustrophobia) you entered in another dimension. Somewhere between the hippie era and the seventies. People are relaxed, often drunk and social links interweave as spiderwebs as you toast your glass with a total stranger. We went to La Leche party at the Amnesia Club, slept at the Ocean drive hotel (just to remind I am David Lynch first fan) and spent the day at the Blue Marlin Beach before taking our plane where I had the nicest discussion ever with a german pilot who explained me eveything I need to know about 'these strange noises in the rear-end'

+ St Tropez
As I was writing my thesis during the summer, I avoided St Tropez from the to-do list but at the last minute I changed my mind and packed my stuff. This changing mind was helped by a text message from my german ex-boyfriend who was at St Tropez for the weekend. The weekend was great, Caves du Rois on saturday night and Nikki Beach the next day where I, as I did last year, customized the Nikki Beach shirts for my friends. My german thing was totally disappointing. It is strange how you can transform a standard tasteless guy into a zouper (as german likes to say) man-to-have with only memories. Eurk!

Oh God!! I really look like a superficial slut, I will try to be a better girl in my next article helped with family weekends, and working hours that constituted the august days I have been through...


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