Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm officially a Master of Global Media

My parents are really really proud of me. I could see the joy in my father's eyes from the podium where I received my diploma. It was if my life has suddenly taken an understandable sense for them, like if they could breathe again, eased of catching a glimpse from a secure life.
Finally, after one year of working myself into the ground to prove to everybody I was able to succeed in 'normal' studies, taking twelve kilos, spending my weekends in librairies and writing a million words thesis...I kind of lost myself between who my circle wanted me to be and who I forced myself to become. I'm not that person with a safe and squared future, I won't ever be her.
This light turn on few weeks ago while I was learning in my module of culture's microeconomy that becoming an artist was the most dangerous decision I could take in my life.
My brain is playing rollercoaster and I suffer from terrible sleepless nights since I took this decision of becoming who I have always been.


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