Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Olivia in Roma

Olivia is a chilhood friend. Hum I must say a teenage friend. I met her in the little shoe shop I was working in when I was fourteen years old (I was paid in Marc Jacobs and Pura Lopez!!!). She was my boss'niece. Instantly we made a connection, as far as I remember we were wearing Marc Jacobs pink boots with a green dots dress. When two aliens meet each other it turns into a crazy elixir that is still producing some of my life best memorie.
We went to London in the summer, I got an internship at MTV Europe and she got Topshop. Every morning I dug on the amount of clothes Oliv brought back every evening and took the tube to Camden where I enjoyed preparing interviews for famous bands such as the All American Rejects which I had no idea who they were before.
Olivia is the fruit of a supermodel of the nineties and a famous photographer. This glamour combination of genoas produced a really special human being:a beautiful artist and writer.