Thursday, December 23, 2010

These days.

Le Grand Cirque is a book written by Pierre Clostermann and tells the story of the second world war. On the pages I've transposed drawings that I made directly with a black stone and a white pencil. Aliens, UFO, black wolves, and moon walkers appear upon the text. The retro-futurist ideology of the seventies are often symbols of the cold war that follow the second world war. The paranormal creatures developed at the same time as the first men steps on the moon were symptoms of the imaginary escapes desperate population could dream of after the horror of the war.



phileas "foggy memories" said...

I love these drawings.
Hold on to the note that I gave you in Sun7 the other night.
I meant it with all of my heart x

ALW said...

Those are absolutely excellent. I'm somewhat obsessed.

Aliénor said...

aaaaw thank you I'll keep the note forever
I will upload some other drawings later in the afternoon. x

Stéphanie said...

J'adore tes dessins !