Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Burning Inside

All the readers that follow that blog know that ,to some extent, I am very superficial and this post will do nothing but confirm their opinions. I have this strange way of choosing my outfit according to my mood, flashy colors when I am sad, and dark ones when I feel my spirit shines like silver beams.

These days, I feel a bit lost: I read 4 books at the same time (in case you didn't know I'm supppper clever) mixing the love story of Ingres with his sleeper, the biography of Bob Marley, the psychotic delusions of an alcoholic writer and Akira Manga. Choices that reveal in which crossroads I am into, thirsty of finding in fiction what my reality lacks of. And because I am upset, - upset against this woman eating a raw red pepper in the tube at 8am, against the whole world enjoying his summer holidays, against those big losers who think they are teaching me life - I’m definitely burning inside, the reason why I chose to recylce an old collection of Christopher Kane. The images are inspired from test explosions in the 50′s and 70′s . I love this shape ! I think it’s going to be my obsession just after jellyfishes and ceiling lights.

Ps: I already have a piece by Christopher Kane, a monster dress I cannot wear any more as I've turned into a big fat cow but that I like to have a look wisely hanged in my dressing - or should I say my floor as I am wardrobeless since I live in Paris.

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