Friday, July 8, 2011

Venetian Masquerade

I used to live in Venice. No words to tell how much I was amazed everyday to stroll in such beautiful landscapes. It was like living in a painting, not a postcard as some people would probably think first but in a watercolor sketch held in the shirt pocket of a certain Veronese and where venetians were engaged in the cultural life of their city, knew pretty much all of its history.

I've succeed in communicating my happiness to my friends et family so well that I had visits almost every weekend. My brother and sister came for Halloween and with my friends we choosed to do a masked ball. Not very original in a city where you can find any mask for 2 euros on every corners of the streets.
That kind of disgust me of venetian masquerade which I was very interested in before going back there (on my first trip to Venice with my ex boyfriend I was nearly about to buy an expensive mask which I'm sure I would have regret now CHECK IT HERE)

This time, I wanted something special, different and as we were many going to the party, something easy to create. One week of reflection and the idea came : black lace ribbons. Venice is a tiny city, full of little shops specialized but you can't find any real bazaar. I drove my bro and sis crazy looking so hard everywhere to find what I had in mind. At the end of the day I finally found the right shop in the north of Venice in La Strada Nova, Cannaregio area. A small door hidening thousands of fabric rolls. Heaven.

Then, I had one hour before the party to sew masks. My few-weeks-venetian-BF told me a lot of beautiful short stories about Venice and he really liked what I did with the mask delivering a secret about
the history of the masquerade: the real tradition was to make the mask yourself before going to the ball.

and here is what Chanel did this week for the Haute Couture Winter 2011-12. These are totally wonderful !

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Lexindro said...

Venice... A place where you know you'll be welcome next year... I'll be waiting for you, darling :)