Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Killer Banana Heels

This picture was taken last year in London in my flat. An irresistible red boot mood.

Expensive shoes. I hate myself for writing a post about it but I have to admit these are sick. Charlotte Olympia, the designer that was previously more famous for her family tree than for her creation scored a bet. The secrets of this success could be found in the thickness of her address book that would do the promotion but also in the height of the heels.

As our generation is a a generation of complexed people, we must be ever more beautiful, more intelligent, thinner, younger, and taller. And for the last point - apart a terrible surgical intervention I've once seen on TV- heels are the only way to make you look taller. Here, Charlotte Olympia' shoes have a point: disproportionaly high, thes shoes are also comfortable.
Adding to this crucial point, that she is inspired by london street fashion (
A big bang of color and glitter deployed over tattooed bodies) and above all by her little sister, Alice Dellal, a fashion icon by herself that brought the punk attitude to the front row.

NB : this blog is everything but another fashion blog. I hate fashion, I hate expensive shoes but today I'm in a mood of wearing killer banana heels.

I've tried so hard to find copies of it, but all I could find was the following by Irregular Choice. Not very convincing. I feel like I'm facing the same wall than when my friend Emily told me she has found Christian Louboutin's at one hundred euros on a website and when she sent me the link it was : www.christianlouboutin.china. Desillusion.


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